Kidz Kabaret

Where kids can be kidz


"Travis and Madelyn are fantastic. They are very well-versed in theater and teaching methods. They also genuinely care about every kid that walks in their door. They know the kids, their personalities and what they are capable of and instill in the kids the desire to be the best they can be! Also, the kids are taught how to be professionals and are expected to act as such. Yet they still keep it fun and lively. I have seen my daughter's confidence in herself soar due to being in the performances. If you enroll your kids in Kidz Performing Arts Company you definitely not regret it!" - Tara Rivers

"Kidz Performing Arts Company is amazing. The kids learn so much and have a great time doing it. I love that Travis and Madelyn really give the kids some ownership of the production- it really fosters confidence and independence in the children. And the shows are always great!" - Jill Wade

"Travis and Madelyn are absolutely fantastic! They are professional, kind teachers giving kids with an interest in theater a chance to perform and learn new skills. My daughter loves participating in productions, classes, and showcases." - Jill LeBlanc

"The directors are amazing, as well as the productions. The kids who participate are encouraged and supported in a fun energetic environment! We are so unbelievably grateful that we have Kidz Performing Arts Company in our community!" - Kate Labue

The staff is amazing and so encouraging with the kids. My daughter feels so welcome and accepted at Kidz Performing Arts Company and loves being in their productions! - Blair May